About imagerover.com

"imagerover" features the distinctive travel and transport photography of Harald Woeste. Harald travels the world off the beaten track – often using Land Rovers and other little comfortable means of transportation.

Strongly connected to the Dunsfold Collection of Land Rovers for many years gives him great inside knowledge on Land Rovers in all it's varieties. Combined with his education in Design at the famous University of Arts in Berlin, Germany, this leads to a strong visual approach on displaying the most versatile vehicle on earth.

-> Visit dunsfold.com: Dunsfold DLR, the supporting Land Rover business behind the Dunsfold Collection
-> Visit dunsfoldcollection.co.uk: The Dunsfold Collection of Land Rovers

Harald uses the "tool" to what it can do probably best: to transport him to places that are very difficult to get at. Africa and especially the Sahara are the places he feels the urge to revisit again and again – to capture shapes, colour and light.

If, in the unlikely event, that a Land Rover is not an option, then Harald prefers transportation by rail, bus, tram, rickshaw … the older or stranger the better. Often then the selected means of transportation is the goal of journey in itself.

Stock Photography

Harald's stock photography is not only available through this website imagerover.com, but is also represented by "age fotostock" in Barcelona, Spain, and by "Picade" in Chicago, USA. For details on licensing images please see the section "Prints and Licenses" on this website.

Panoramic Photography

Being well known for writing a german and an english book on panoramic photography, Harald likes pushing panoramic photography to it's limit and sometimes beyond … Harald has photographed panoramas for various commercial clients over the years. When time permits, he also teaches students at art schools panoramic photography or holds workshops for advanced amateurs and professional photographers.

-> See the german book at amazon.de: Panoramafotografie - Theorie und Praxis
-> See the english book at amazon.com: Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography
-> See the english book at amazon.co.uk: Mastering Digital Panoramic Photography

Exhibitions and Fine Art Prints

- Saarländische Landesvertretung Berlin (DE) 2012: »Berlin im Wandel« (group exhibition with Gaby Sommer and Andrew Wakeford)
- Institut Catholique Mont-Olivet, Lausanne (CH) 2011/2012: »Berlin-Faces de l`histoire« (group exhibition with Gaby Sommer and Andrew Wakeford)
- Vestergard Frandsen, Lausanne (CH) 2011: »Berlin's change to liberty« (group exhibition with Gaby Sommer and Andrew Wakeford)
- Patton Trust, Saarbrücken (DE) 2010/2011: »360° Elsewhere« (group exhibition with Tom Gundelwein)
- Monochrom, Berlin (DE) 2010: »No Fences – Von Weiten Und Schildern« (solo exhibition)


Want more info? On Harald's other website woeste.biz you can find a long interview with Harald from 2009 when he was selected "creative of the week" by Adobe's german creative portal.

-> Read the Adobe Kreativportal interview with Harald at woeste.biz (interview in german language)

Questions and Contact?

If you have any questions, would like to talk about an assignment, or would like to license one of imagerover's photographs, please contact Harald. Thank you!

-> email Harald at imagerover.com